I got a new sponsor today! Oh how I have been waitiiiing for this day! *singing*

As you all know I had a new years resolution stating that I would stop drinking coca-cola. I kept my word but I have to admit it was hell in the beginning! Especially since I’m not fond of water and practically had to force it down. So it’s lucky me that my new sponsor (decided months ago) happen to be a drink sponsor called Bravo Boost!

I tasted it for the first time on the event I did for Activision in Stockholm with Anderzel, Noobworks and Rauski and it was love at first taste. Easy to say yes when I later got asked about the sponsorship!

So now I’ve been waiting for weeks (months?) for this to start and to be able to tell everyone about it..and today I got the package with the drinks. 😀
NO MORE H2O!.. oh well.. I have to drink water too but at least I have something else to mix it up with. 😉



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