Minecraft Sub-Server

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Server Questions & Answers


Can I play on the server?
How long after I subscribed can I start playing?
What Kind of server is it?
When is the server open?
Is PVP allowed?
Is fire and Explosions turned off?
Am I allowed to Stream on the server?
Can I do youtube videos on the server?
How can I become a mod on the server?


Where am I allowed to Build?
What am I allowed to Build?
My Neighbour wants me to remove my build. What should I do?



How do I start a Neighbourhood?
What are my duties as a Mayor?
Can I create my own rules in my neighbourhood?
Our mayor is never online or is not doing his job. Can we change mayor?


Am I allowed to use a Map plugin?
If I ask will a mod teleport me somewhere?
What Mods are on the server?
Am I allowed to use Shaders?
Am I allowed to use Texture packs?
Am I allowed to use optifine?


How do I claim my own protected area?
How big area am I allowed to claim?
How do I remove a claimed area?
How do I make a claimed area bigger?
Can others walk on my claimed land?
How do I allow someone to build with me on my area?
How do I remove someone from my Trusted List?
How do I find out who owns a claimed area?