Going to Stockholm for 1-3 months!

Like The picture says I’m looking for an affordable room or apartment  in central stockholm for 1 – 3 months. I’m thinking baout moving there someday and wanted to see what it’s like living there first!

I want something central since I will be streaming and working on my new youtube channel from an office close to drottninggatan in Stockholm. 🙂

If you know anything feel free to contact me! 🙂

Personal Travel Updates

Win a paid vacation to Santa Monica!

This is a quick update related to the tv show I’m hosting!

There’s still a few spots in the audience that are not full yet and I just got word that one of the audience members will win a 5 night stay in a condo near the beach in sunny Santa Monica ! Curtesy of The Tech Show, Norwegian air and Airbnb.

I was there 2 months ago and it is AMAZING.. And who ever wins will love it. Good luck!!

If you want to be in the audience the 30/1  13:00 to have a chance of winning  this you can read this post.  PS: It’s easy. 🙂



Liseberg med KonradLisberg med Konrad

Gaming Personal Updates

Join me in the recording studio!

Some of you know that I have been recording a pilot for a tv-show this fall!
It’s been a lot of fun and many crazy adventures! (Including being chased by life sized zombies!) On January 30we will record in a studio in Stockholm with a live audience of 100 – 150 people! Do you want to be one of them?


The Tv-show will be about two things I love, tech, and most of all – GAMES! My two awesome co Hosts are the american actor Josh Lenn and Mazi Shahi!
Mazis crazy fun adventurous persona , Josh friendly and patience family man attitude combined with my playful & quirky wits makes for a great team! Most importantly- we all are very competitive and LOVE TO WIN.

The show will be English and include e-sport, gaming news & reviews, fun tech gadgets, secret guests, adventures and more, all together with a generous serving of entertainment! Basically everything and anything about the Tech and Gaming industry! Guys, The possibilities are ENDLESS and we’re going to have so much fun!


A hollywood actor called Mike Starr will be visiting the show on the 30th too! You have probably seen him in Dumb and dumber and Goodfellas and many other shows and movies. I cant wait to meet him! We all know he can act.. But can he game?


Even tho there’s a great production company with highly experienced people behind this project and high hopes this is a pilot! So the more HYPE we can create regarding this the better. If you want to see this show on your TV please help out by Liking and Sharing our Facebook Page! It’s Important!


DONT WORRY! Streaming is love, streaming is life. I will always keep streaming and even tho I have the tv-show the schedule will allow me to keep my channel running. For Youtube I will be able to bring my camera everywhere and show you guys so much exciting behind the scenes stuff.. I cant wait to get started!


You and your friends are welcome to be in the audience the 30th of Jan 13:00  in STOCKHOLM to experience the tv-show recording with me.
Send an email to with the topic “Jag är med Bliss” and it will be for free. Please mention if you are a twitch subscriber too but everyone is still welcome!
It’s getting close to the Recording date so be sure you can be there if you sign up!   I’ll be there and sign autographs and take selfies too of-course! 🙂


Liseberg med KonradLisberg med Konrad

Gaming Personal Updates

A New Vlog Camera!

I’m so excited!! I bought a new camera!

The one I got is a Canon Vixi Mini X. I needed something portable that provides good sound (for a small camera anyway) but most of all I wanted a flexible screen and a external mic output. This one have all of the above plus more.^^ I’ve been reading reviews and it got excellent scores + I know many YouTubers who are using it. I am a bit worried how it handles low lighting tho but I think it will be okey.

I’m HOPING that it will arrive tomorrow.

There’s seriously nothing more fun than to try out new tech products and I will be doing an unboxing and review of it on my youtube as soon as I get it.
I’m posting the amazon-link down below so you can check it out for yourself.

If you have one like this please let me know in the comments what you think about it. 🙂





I cant help feeling a bit proud of myself because I’ve been working my ass off to set this site up. I’ve been staying up late nights (like I am right now..) working but now it’s time to get normal sleeping habits again. well.. at least I will try my best.


To celebrate the website launch I have started a Giveaway! You will find it in the top menu under giveaways or you can just click here.

Since the other studio microphone giveaways was so popular and I still had one left I decided to do one more. This one is REALLY good and it was a mic like this one I used for the first year of streaming.

Tomorrow I’m having a day off stream but I will keep you guys updated in my blog and on the Periscope streaming app so add me if you havent! (@swebliss)

Now I’m going to do like my cat and CHILL and watch some southpark.

Nite nite darlings <3



I got a new sponsor today! Oh how I have been waitiiiing for this day! *singing*

As you all know I had a new years resolution stating that I would stop drinking coca-cola. I kept my word but I have to admit it was hell in the beginning! Especially since I’m not fond of water and practically had to force it down. So it’s lucky me that my new sponsor (decided months ago) happen to be a drink sponsor called Bravo Boost!

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Gaming Personal

Youtube Survey!

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As you guys know I have two Youtube channels!

My main channel for Games and my Doodle art and also a brand new Swedish Lifestyle/vlog Channel (with english subtitles) that will start soon!

I'm looking forward to creating more videos on the channels now when my website is out and I want to know what kind of videos you would like to see me do more of on my Channels! 

Q: What would you like to see on my YT?
Youtube Survey!
Fun Random Youtube challenges
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Makeup Toturials
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Follow me around vlogs
Twitch tv Highlights
Gaming reviwes
Trying new games
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Destiny Videos
If you have any specific ideas. Challenges, Collabs, Games you want me to play or similar please write it here! 🙂more details
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