Modded Minecraft Subserver

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Server Questions & Answers



It’s important that you read through all questions before you log on the server to know the rules. Because it’s a modded server you have to behave accordingly for it to run smooth or you can destroy it for everyone else. Breaking rules or not caring about this info will result in an instant ban so be sure to read it. (or ask a mod to help you if you have a problem with reading)



Can I play on the server?
How long after I subscribed can I start playing?
What Kind of server is it?
When is the server open?
Why is it lagging?
Is PVP allowed?
Is fire and Explosions turned off?
Am I allowed to Stream on the server?
Can I help you?
Can I do youtube videos on the server?
How can I become a mod on the server?


Any Blocked Items?
Can I explore as I want?
Can I build machines?
Can i build a community project in spawn for everyone to use?


Where am I allowed to Build?
What am I allowed to Build?
My Neighbour wants me to remove my build. What should I do?


How do I start a Neighbourhood?
What are my duties as a Mayor?
Can I create my own rules in my neighbourhood?
Our mayor is never online or is not doing his job. Can we change mayor?


Am I allowed to use a Map plugin?
If I ask will a mod teleport me somewhere?
What Mods are on the server?
Am I allowed to use Shaders?
Am I allowed to use Texture packs?
Am I allowed to use hacks? like xray vision.


Can I claim my own protected area on the server?
How do I claim my own protected area?
How big area am I allowed to claim and how many?
What ranks are there?
How do I remove a claimed area?
How many claims can you have?
Can others walk on my claimed land?
How do I allow someone to build with me on my area?
How do I remove someone from my Trusted List?